If You are interested to create sign, which would allow you distinguish and to look on your company in a new way or to add to its appearance some traditional or natural elements - then you are in a right place. Together with you we will do it in the best way we can.

We are specializing in creating unique and impressive wooden signs. The main method we use is a sandblasting method. This method allows to extract from the wooden material what is the most beautiful: compact of grains, coloures, shades and in the same time it alows to add the third dimention to the graphic. More details of the sandblasting method you can find in our section how to do it. We also invite you to gallery, where you can find out how our different projects are used in practice. We hope that presented there examples will inspire you as well. When You will have an idea how you want your sign to look like, please contact us and we will be happy to do the project for you. After deciding about details of the project and its price, it will take us about 2 weeks to do the sign for you. It will be send to you by post or courrier.

We perform work for another advertising companies as well.